Franklin Method®

It all starts with the knowledge that we have the power to change.
— Eric Franklin

Realise your potential

When we work with ourselves we become the best version of ourselves.  This is true for so many aspects of living.  This is also true of our own bodies - we have been given an amazing piece of design - imagine how it would be if we could use our own bodies to work with what we want them to do - be that daily living, a sporting activity, a performance, taking control of our own stress?  How would your life benefit if you could move more freely, with less tension, less effort, less strain on bones and muscles? Who wouldn't want the chance to feel happier and healthier within their own body?


The Franklin Method® can be applied to anything

That means you may just want to improve have you move in everyday life, or you may want to improve sporting or exercise goals.  You may be a dancer and want to move with more fluidity and strength.  You have really tried hard to do well at what you do, but doing more of the same isn't working for you anymore.  Sometimes that means taking a step back from what you normally do.  Sometimes that means trying something completely different.  The Franklin Method ® is a revolution in movement because it doesn't layer any system on top of our natural design but works with our design.  


Genuine Mind Body movement and new approach - at the forefront of science today

The Franklin Method® is a cutting edge movement system, utilising 21st century research about neuroplasticity and combining it with biomechanics and its own DNI ® (Dynamic Neuro-cognitive imagery).  Put simply, it uses the brain to improve movement skills to create lasting change in your body and your mind.  It enhances movement skills and retrains dynamic posture and alignment. It is used globally by olympic athletes and elite dance companies to maximise performance outcomes.  However, the Franklin Method® is for everyone.   When you participate in the Franklin Method® you learn by doing.  It is by recording the learning inside our bodies that we leave a lasting impression and one that can create positive change in our bodies and lives.

A real understanding of how the body works. Make the ordinary extraordinary...

Contact me to discuss hosting a Franklin Method® event or come and join in one of my classes and see how the Franklin Method® can help you in your life and with your goals!  In the meantime have a glimpse into the Franklin Method® below!

Franklin Method introduces you how to move better, feel better, think better through biomechanics, functional anatomy and dynamic imagery, teaching you how the body is designed to function and conditioning exercises to embody function. Please check us out.

Here's a short video made by Franklin Method Japan explaining some of what we do!