With my teacher Rebekah Rotstein following the training of the 2018 Buff Bones® instructors

With my teacher Rebekah Rotstein following the training of the 2018 Buff Bones® instructors

With the Founder of The Franklin Method, Eric Franklin and Master Franklin Method teacher Morten Dithmer at my Level 2 graduation as a Franklin Method Educator

With the Founder of The Franklin Method, Eric Franklin and Master Franklin Method teacher Morten Dithmer at my Level 2 graduation as a Franklin Method Educator

And in the mists of time, graduation day with Alan Herdman Pilates!

And in the mists of time, graduation day with Alan Herdman Pilates!

And just hanging around in the studio!

And just hanging around in the studio!

About Sarah

Welcome to Pilates Mind Body.  My name is Sarah and I can help you move better, with more joy and freedom, whatever your motivation. Due to the nature of my training and the types of sessions I teach, I offer you a more bespoke approach to movement, which may be very different to how you have experienced movement before. 

I am a Comprehensive Pilates teacher, Franklin Method® Educator and Buff Bones® Instructor, offering you trained expertise in mind body movement.  Having studied in person with movement masters who have had a profound effect upon movement not just in this country, but internationally, I am delighted to share my expertise within the capital and the countryside!  I currently work with every level of ability and age.

My lifelong love of movement has been a constantly evolving journey; from active child to dancer to Classical Ballet teacher, to Pilates specialist and mind body training with the Franklin Method®.

Pilates was first introduced to me 15 years ago in my dance training, initially used as a tool to increase strength, flexibility and enhance performance as well as help my body recover from a long day of training or teaching. Pilates helped me on so many levels, from developing the technical ability to perform highly complex movements in dance, all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum, navigating my way through a physically and mentally demanding maze of rehabilitation following major surgeries, back to experiencing the joys of dancing once more.  

The benefits Pilates brought to body and mind become priceless for my life as a whole.  As a former manager, with a very busy workload and lifestyle, Pilates was the perfect exercise at the end of a busy day, calming, refreshing and restorative. I loved it so much that I changed my whole life and moved away from the examination room and the dance studio and into the Pilates studio and I have not looked back!

The final piece of the story for now, was to become a somatic practitioner and study to become a Franklin Method® educator. This amazing system continues to teach me how to tap into the incredible wisdom contained within my own body to move with the design I have, which gives me greater freedom, ease of movement and power than I have ever experienced. It is truly transformative at every level of life and living!

I have the best job in the world - to empower people to move better and enjoy movement and living. My clients are committed, curious and focused on bringing positive change to their body, wellbeing and life. If you are one of these people, regardless of motivation, body shape, or proficiency, please do get in touch.


MY PROfessional journey


I trained with Alan Herdman*, a second generation Pilates master and international authority on Pilates. My training took the rare form of the traditional Pilates apprenticeship and I trained intensively with him, at his studios in London for a whole year.

As a comprehensive teacher, I am qualified to teach all levels of Pilates mat and studio work, which is the highest level of training you can have, and is recognised internationally. My qualification includes specialism in remedial exercise, which means that I have been trained in and in my daily work I teach clients with a whole range of injuries and conditions. Many Pilates training routes allow teachers to qualify with just a mat qualification and then one day courses are added on. My training was continuous and continues to be so, and I work with the very best teachers in the world to enable me to be the best teacher for you.  Since qualifying I have worked and work in Pilates studios that work with the Alan Herdman method in London, and the top rehabilitation studio in Hertfordshire.  I have my own private clients in Central London and Shropshire who are of all ages and abilities. Their goal may be anything from preparing for a competition, performance or just moving with less pain and greater freedom and enjoyment. 

I have continued deepen my knowledge with international movement masters, working with Dr. Suzanne Martin, on the foot, hypermobility and assymmetries, Carolyne Anthony on pre/postnatal and diastasis recti recovery and Rebekah Rotstein on bone and joint health, and for 2018 and 2019 worked with her as her teaching assistant for the Buff Bones® qualification for teachers.  In 2017 and 2018 I completed further development courses with Elizabeth Larkam on fascia and its role within the Pilates environment as well as more specialised development on the role of interoception within Pilates too.

I have a third branch to my movement studies, as a somatic practitioner. I am a qualified Franklin Method Educator (Level 2) and remain a student of Eric Franklin** and will be studying with him for a final year in 2020.  The Franklin Method is a unique system of mental training coupled with teachings of precise movement biomechanics and dynamic imagery to deliver healthy movement, improved posture and wellbeing. It offers a deeper pathway and wisdom into the body beyond any exercise system or anatomy textbook and delivers scientifically proven results that can be experienced by any person, from any walk of life which can be applied to any form of movement.

Please get in touch further if you would like more information on my full training - I have completed a substantial amount of professional development - which is in addition to the quick list of credentials you see below!


My credentials

Alan Herdman Teacher Training Course

Franklin Method ® Educator Levels 1 and 2 (Level 3 in training from 2020)

Buff Bones ® Instructor (Advanced training in bone and joint health, osteoporosis and osteopenia)

Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist and Diastasis Recti Recovery - Carolyne Anthony- The Centre for Women’s Fitness

Pilates Barre Certification – Michael King Pilates

Suzanne Martin’s Foot Exercise Specialist Course

Active IQ Pilates Diploma L3 (National award, trained under Alan Herdman)

Member of the Pilates Method Alliance

Current DBS (Known as CRB check) clearance to work with children

Current Safeguarding Training completed with NSPCC


My teachers


*Alan Herdman brought Pilates to the UK in 1970, having learnt the method directly from two of Joseph Pilates' protégés, Carola Trier and Bob Fitzgerald.  He is one of the key figures in the development of the discipline.  Alan has written many books on Pilates and continues to lecture on Pilates around the world as well as teach his own clients and students.  He is the Chair of the Pilates Method Alliance UK chapter.

**Eric Franklin’s International Franklin Method ® has been used widely in the performing arts and with professional athletes for many years, and his use of Dynamic Neuro-cognitive Imagery (DNI)™ is at the forefront of neuroplasticity: helping us understand how we can use our mind to improve the function of body.  Eric has written many books on his method and presented his work at numerous conferences, including the World Congress on Lower Back and Pelvic Pain, the Pilates Method Alliance and the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.  In addition to all of this Eric continues to train athletes and dancers who are the very best in the world.