Get your New Year sparkle back and your dreams on track...

So, nearly a month into 2018 and how has it gone for you?  Has it been an endless series of rainy days that never seem to end or are you on course and feeling as positive and optimistic as you did at New Year?

Hopefully your 2018 is on track, but if it isn't perhaps it is time to consider what you would like to work towards this year?

What would you like to achieve?  How would you feel if you achieved it?  Can you dare to dream big?

Consider what your motivation is - do you feel you are being pushed into doing something  - if something seems a chore then it probably will be; you need to have positive motivation to achieve your goal.  However, if you are really drawn into the idea of your goal and are highly motivated then your chances of success will be greater!

Don't be too hard on yourself.  The goals we set ourselves should not become the stick we beat ourselves with.  That doesn't mean we should not dream, but see that as the ultimate destination for yourself.  You will have probably heard the phrase 'enjoy the journey' - often we get so wrapped up in the end goal we miss the sightseeing and the pleasures and achievements along the way and feel frustrated that we haven't achieved what we wanted to achieve.

Or, worse still, we may start to measure ourselves to others - they may have already achieved their goals so why is our goal taking so long?  This kind of thinking doesn't really make a lot of sense as we are all different, so we will all have a different journey!

We can however, compare our progress one day against another, and that can be motivating!

From my own life as well as observing my clients, time and time again those that are successful with their goals are the ones that are willing to enjoy the process and not focus too much on the end goal (and often the end goal changes!).  Very early on in my own rehabilitation following major surgery I learnt that the journey was far more important.  There were times that were hard -the months rolled on and it was hard to see how things were improving.  In the end, I decided to keep a journal and wrote 2 sentences each day:

One thing or person I was grateful for...

One thing I had achieved...

That process became highly motivating and helped me move towards and beyond the original goals I had set down for myself.  I also became more grateful in life generally to the many people who had helped me in some way each day.

So, as the month draws to a close review your goals - are they the right goals for you at this point?  How can you continue to move forwards and make 2018 your best year yet?




You may feel daunted and not know where to start but often just getting started is the best thing!