About Pilates Mind Body

I thought I'd write a little about why I have chosen this name.  My teaching perspective is one that seeks to connect mind and body together.  I have so many people come to see me who, because of a very busy lifestyle, have disconnected from their body and are in pain or discomfort.    Carefully controlled and thoughtful movement which connects with the present is movement that is mindful and healthy.  Our bodies need healthy movement not just for healthy bones and muscles but for a total sense of wellbeing and optimal health.  Often people come to see me because a 'part' of them  is not functioning correctly, that may be the spine, the knee, the hip, the neck and shoulders which are up there on a daily basis as the 'hot topic'.  However, everything is connected and we cannot just pick up another part like we would with a car replace a tyre.  The human body is more complex and amazing than that!  It is through whole body movement and harmony that any imbalances can eventually be restored and the root cause of any problem areas discovered.  Pilates Mind Body aims to get the body singing harmoniously again with itself so that you can enjoy your sports, activities or just daily life!