What conversations are you having with your body?

Have you ever stopped to think about what conversations you are having with your body?  Are they positive or negative?  Are you busy telling your body off or a part of yourself off?  

Would you stand next to another person and give them the same critique you may be giving yourself?  

I’d hope not as you would probably spot very quickly how that would affect that person and their movement!

If you want to improve your movement and how you feel in your own body what about listening to your body and hearing what it is saying?  It is trying to work for you, and at times it may be asking for help! Or, it may be working for you and be a source of joy and you have not realised quite how wonderful it is!

Listening and taking time to notice what is going on is your first step to empowering yourself and improving your movement skills!  That could be in a movement system such as dance or Pilates or just in everyday living!

Give it a try and see what a difference you can make!