January thoughts...

Is January a bleak month?

Sometimes it may seem a little overwhelming as it is such a long and dark month.

Back to work, then, so busy we get distracted and get lost from what we set out to do! Tired form work, we long to go home and rest, and go back to our old patterns and habits.

How many times have you set out on a New Year goal only to be overwhelmed and give up by this point in the month?

Then you move through the year wishing you had done what at New Year you resolved to do.

If we only focus on outcome goals we can be easily disappointed, but what about just setting aside a few minutes a day to start with, or a time in the week for you to do what you really want to do. Non-negotiable time, critical time for you - no excuses or other appointments in the diary... you can take charge of your goals if you are willing to make small steps...👣👣👣