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For a more bespoke, mindful and healthy approach to movement: which class will you choose?

  • In joining any of my group classes you are committing to a block's worth of movement experience which allows you to really invest in your long term health and wellbeing and make a positive change.

  • During that time you will be developing your skills with your small Pilates family group. This may be improving your core strength, focusing on precision of movement or greater awareness of your body. There is an endless list!

  • My classes are semi private and the smallest in the area so you will always have hands on teaching. The class will tailored to suit the needs of yourself and the others in your group (6 per class in Shifnal).

  • For the most bespoke experience choose either 1:1 or 1:2 sessions.

  • Learn where your mind and body have developed lazy approaches to movement, and discover healthier movement that will be yours for life. Take the weekly lesson with you into your daily living with greater self awareness!

  • Why join a fitness class just to copy an instructor exercising, or worse still sit out and watch others as you are not sure what to do or be asked to skip an exercise? I am training you to exercise mindfully and equip you with movement skills and knowledge. The aim is that outside of class you maintain the improved posture and alignment you are developing.

  • Whatever class you choose I am not just offering exercise classes. You will get a great workout and ease out aches and pains, but I want to help support your whole lifestyle. I want to teach you how to use and look after your primary piece of fitness equipment: your own body. Prevent becoming part of the crash and burn movement epidemic and give yourself the best health insurance policy money can buy!

  • Move with efficiency, freedom and joy experiencing high quality intelligent exercise.


Pilates Gentle Flow Mat Class Shropshire Wednesdays 18.20

Idsall School Shifnal 

Ideal for those who prefer very gentle movement, want to wind down from a busy day or want to develop an enhanced mind body connection.  Also an ideal place for those currently working through injury (on medical clearance from your medical professional) or for those who have spinal conditions or pathologies.  Wednesday evenings in September at 6pm at Idsall School Shifnal.   55 minutes.


Pilates Mat Class Basics Shropshire Wednesdays 19.20 

Idsall School, Shifnal

An inclusive environment and welcoming atmosphere to learn the basics of Pilates mat work.  Putting strong foundations into any movement practise is essential to ensure that as you become more confident and perform more choreographed movements you do so from a strong base.   Small props will also be used and further challenge given to those who are ready.  This class will be running from Idsall School, Shifnal on Wednesday evenings at 19.20, 55 minutes.


Corporate Pilates Sessions Shropshire

The well-being of your people is critical to limiting time off work and getting the best out of them. But often, employees can struggle to find the right exercise to fit in with their busy lifestyle. Pilates can soothe or energise and classes form strong team bonds.  My style of Pilates focuses on breathing and fluid movement - improve your employees physical and mental wellbeing to maintain as part of your wellbeing strategy for your most valuable resource.  Arrange a bespoke session by contacting me directly.