Experience, feel, move, embody: Franklin Method® Fridays at Danceworks in London

You get better at what you do, including thoughts, images and emotions
— Eric Franklin

Do you want to…

  • Take a different approach to movement and learn to be the master teacher of your own body? 

  • Enjoy using your body from a place of comfort and joy?

  • Discover new ways to release tension in your body?

  • Make movement effortless, optimal and efficient?   

  • Prevent injuries and learn healthy movement?

  • Enhance performance and technique in your movement discipline?

  • Learn techniques used by elite dancers and athletes, taught in key dance academies, sports facilities and universities in the world?

What is the The Franklin Method®?

The Franklin Method® is a unique system of mental training coupled with teachings of precise movement biomechanics and dynamic imagery to deliver healthy movement, improved posture and wellbeing. It offers a deeper pathway and wisdom into the body beyond any exercise system or anatomy textbook and delivers scientifically proven results that can be experienced by any person, from any walk of life which can be applied to any form of movement.

How can the Franklin Method® help dancers?

Dancers are movement specialists and are always looking for ways to improve their movement skills. The Franklin Method® helps dancers optimise a whole array of skills they need, be that performance, technique, conditioning or learning the mental skills needed to become the best dancer they can be. Franklin Method® helps move the body efficiently and in an anatomically correct way, helping minimise the wear and tear on the body as well as developing optimal function with the greatest efficiency. Learn how to move your body with freedom, comfort and ease. Have a look at the latest video (below) from Eric to find out how the Franklin Method® can be an incredibly powerful tool in dance.

I have been practising Franklin Method® now for several weeks in class and at home. I have found it has helped my dancing so much, and this week my dance teacher has remarked how much longer my legs look.
— Reshmaa Das, Choreographer, Dancer & Franklin Method® Fridays class member

Franklin Method® Fridays

Franklin Method® Fridays classes consist of mind body training, which will use DNI (Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery) to work on an area or areas of the body and improve movement skills be that for dancing or simply living! During the class we learn more about the body, the rhythms of the bones that drive our movement, as well as more about muscles and the fascia and their application to daily life as well as movement systems such as dance. We will use not just Eric Franklin’s renowned system of imagery to power and drive movement but also his exercises and movement sequences that can be used generally to warm the body up for the day, build strength or release tension, using the Franklin Method ® balls and bands!


My personal mission: happy and healthy dancers using the Franklin Method®

I discovered Franklin Method® many years back as a dancer out with an injury - I bought a book from the bookshop and went home to see what this book contained! Being very visual the images and the exercises really appealed to me and I used the images to help with my performance skills…

That was the start of a long journey as there was something I kept returning to over and over again. Then, as a dancer and dance teacher I faced a testing time of going through two major reconstructive surgeries and a very long rehabilitation back to walking and then to dancing. Once more, I sat down with other books written by Eric trying to find something that could help…

Still not quite satisfied I had found everything I needed I made a 8 hour round trip to a workshop led by master teacher, Morten Dithmer - during that workshop something started to click in my own body and I knew there was more to all of this, so then I ended up in a workshop that Eric was teaching and from that point I have been on a massive journey professionally and personally. I have really come to understand my body and what it can do, what it means to work efficiently, what it means to have power, yet be comfortable. What it means deep down to trust myself and not suffer all of the huge worry I used to have. For me now, Franklin Method® is not just a brilliant system to help people move better, but is a way of life, and a daily practice and I don’t ever get bored with it! Once you find what you can embody you will find there are more and more depths to what you do - movement is no longer just movement but something really special. As one of my group said one week ‘so many ah-ha’ moments!

Dancing has been and still is, a passion. I’ve been through every possible emotion it can throw at you or throw from you, so I understand what dancers feel, what they go through, what they give up and what they need to help them be the best they can be. That’s more than strength or flexibility but a more holistic outlook and something the Franklin Method® excels at.

So I have come full circle, back to an old dancing home at Danceworks to see if I can help you develop your passions, skills and talents and continue to feel the joy that is dancing at whatever level or in whatever genre…

And the greatest lesson of all I hope to pass on is that your best teacher is you…


Curious? Come and join is for Franklin Method® Fridays

Where? Danceworks, Balderton Street, London (tube: Bond Street, Balderton Street is opposite Selfridges)

When? Fridays 10-11am


Please note: (Any changes are advertised by Danceworks Social Media as well as Pilates Mind Body social media) You cannot enter to take class at Danceworks without registering at reception. There are no exceptions. Please ensure you leave sufficient time to arrive for the start of class or you may not be admitted.
Classes may be filmed or photographed for promotional purposes by Danceworks and Pilates Mind Body.