Experience, Feel, Move, Embody in Depth: Franklin Method® Workshops


Franklin Method® workshops provide the opportunity to really investigate the Franklin Method® in depth as well as learn more about a key area or topic in the body to produce optimal movement, effortless function and power.

Franklin Method®: In depth workshop Autumn 2019 (London Date: TBC 10am-1pm)

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Do you want to…

  • Take a different approach to movement and learn to be the master teacher of your own body? 

  • Enjoy using your body from a place of comfort and joy?

  • Discover new ways to release tension in your body?

  • Make movement effortless, optimal and efficient?   

  • Prevent injuries and learn healthy movement?

  • Enhance performance and technique in your movement discipline?

  • Learn techniques used by elite dancers and athletes, taught in key dance academies, sports facilities and universities in the world?

Come and find out more about the The Franklin Method® through our in depth workshops!

The Franklin Method® is a unique system of mental training coupled with teachings of precise movement biomechanics and dynamic imagery to deliver healthy movement, improved posture and wellbeing. It offers a deeper pathway and wisdom into the body beyond any exercise system or anatomy textbook and delivers scientifically proven results that can be experienced by any person, from any walk of life which can be applied to any form of movement. At Danceworks we do give all of our workshops a dance specific focus as we know how much the Franklin Method® can help dancers of any level and genre.

Franklin Method® workshops are experiential - we learn by doing - we experience, feel, move and embody what has been taught! If you are curious and interested about your body, movement and how real mind body training can help you then come and join us

What is taught in the workshops:

All Franklin Method® classes and workshops begin with a mind body warmup and introduces participants to the principles of the Franklin Method® that show how we bring about positive change in our movement, feeling and thinking.

We then move onto the topic of the workshop that is the study for the day. We take a deep dive into this area of the body, learn and experience its dynamic alignment as well as the interaction between its different bones and joints using both mind and body. In doing so, participants will learn more about how they themselves are currently moving, as well as what they can do to make their own movement optimal; comfortable, efficient and healthy.

The Franklin Method® teaches you how to stay healthy in daily life and gives you a set of tools you take away which are yours to apply to whatever you wish.

As the workshop has a dance specific focus you will see how the fundamental movement taught by the Franklin Method® is then directly applied to the needs of dancers to help them become both the optimal athlete as well as artist and performer. Franklin Method® teaches dancers how to be efficient and also how to prevent injury - we want you to be the best you can be and have the most joy with your dancing which should be for life!

Franklin Method® workshops also use the Franklin Balls and bands

Come and join us!

When? Saturday 10am-1pm (with a short comfort break!)

Where? venue to be confirmed, London

Experience level - open to all


Please contact me if you want to know when the booking opens!

How can the Franklin Method® help dancers?

Please have a look on our Franklin Method® classes page to find out more!


Franklin Method® Breathing for Life (Birmingham - 2019) Details coming soon…

Franklin Method ® Group workshops and Bespoke Sessions for your own groups, clubs or classes.

Franklin Method workshops can be offered for groups of individuals or a society or club wishing to learn more about how to optimise the function within their own bodies. Workshops differ from the weekly class in that they focus upon a specific area of the body in more detail than can be covered in the weekly class. The Franklin Method® puts the design of the body before any movement system.  It operates how the body was designed to move, using the power of the mind.  By using DNI® (Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery) learn how to work using your own design and then learn how you can apply that to a movement environment be that sports, performing arts or everyday life.  Take your group from ordinary to extraordinary! Contact me directly to find out more!