Experience, Feel, Move, Embody in Depth: Franklin Method® Workshops


Franklin Method® workshops provide the opportunity to really investigate the Franklin Method® in depth as well as learn more about a key area or topic in the body to produce optimal movement, effortless function and power.

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Breathing for Life (Birmingham - August 2019)

Pelvic Power for Core integration and The Psoas, Beyond the Abdominals (London - August 2019)

Franklin Method ® Group workshops and Bespoke Sessions for your own groups, clubs or classes.

Franklin Method workshops can be offered for groups of individuals or a society or club wishing to learn more about how to optimise the function within their own bodies. Workshops differ from the weekly class in that they focus upon a specific area of the body in more detail than can be covered in the weekly class. The Franklin Method® puts the design of the body before any movement system.  It operates how the body was designed to move, using the power of the mind.  By using DNI® (Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery) learn how to work using your own design and then learn how you can apply that to a movement environment be that sports, performing arts or everyday life.  Take your group from ordinary to extraordinary! Below are some of the workshops you can experience:

Relax Your Neck and Move Your Shoulders

The response to neck and shoulder tension is usually reactive reaching for painkillers, a massage or someone else to fix our neck and shoulders!  Why not learn how to fix the issues yourself, or better still prevent them occurring in the first place?.  By learning the mechanics of the shoulder girdle, our shoulders and neck become a place of ease, comfort and are a pleasure to move! 

During this class you will:

  • Learn how your shoulders are designed to move and experience the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, benefiting from an increased awareness of the function of associated joints.

  • Exercise with small rolling balls to experience smooth joint action, increased circulation and balanced posture.

  • Learn how to melt away tension from your shoulders and neck

  • Have suspended, free and easy shoulders.



Imagery for a Strong, Flexible and Healthy Spine

Think about what you associate with the back?  We have lots of negative ideas about it which is little surprise seeing as many of us are unlucky enough to suffer from debilitating pain, or, everyday aches.  Back pain is an epidemic in the modern world.  However, the spine is a masterpiece of design containing over one hundred joints and associated muscles and ligaments. Complex design requires conscious maintenance. This class explains and explores spinal evolution, design and function using imagery and simple movement.  Take away a new embodied understanding of the spine which will allow for all daily movement and exercise to benefit spinal health.

During this class you will:

  • Exercises to strengthen the intervertebral discs, joints and muscles.

  • How the ligaments and discs interact to strengthen the spine

  • The rotational and coupled motion dynamics of the spine

  • What healthy movement is for the spine.

  • Why it is important not to grip your core or tuck your pelvis in dance, sport, exercise and life!


Art of Change - Mind Body and the Franklin Method ®

Imagery is a key skill in sports, the performing arts and is used by high attaining professionals.  Without the use of imagery high levels of excellence are hardly attainable regardless of how hard you train.  Imagery is something we all use everyday however, you can train yourself and learn the secrets used by world class athletes and performers.  If your workdays are long, imagery can make them more effortless and help you regenerate faster. Imagery can speed up recovery from illness and injury and help you to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Imagery improves all aspects of our lives.

During this class you will:

  • Learn imagery exercises that will create flow of movement, improved coordination and balance

  • Create effortless movement, alignment and balance

  • Discover your natural flexibility, increase your power to move in minutes.

  • Learn about motivational Imagery, goal setting and imagery to improve your confidence.


Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Start to understand pelvic anatomy and biomechanics from a functional perspective. This study can result in improved posture, a stronger centre, and relief of lower back pain. Experience how the pelvic bones and muscles coordinate to create healthy movement. Practice how it feels to integrate this knowledge into daily activity. Experience imagery, touch, and movement exercises.

During this class you will:

  • Create effortless alignment and balance

  • Align your legs and spine

  • Improve stability and strength through the pelvic floor

  • Increase hip and spinal flexibility through the pelvic floor for yoga, dance and life!

  • Learn Pelvic Exercises for strength and endurance

  • Release tension and pain in your pelvis and lower back

  • Experience Dynamic core training for your pelvis 

  • Restore strength & stability to your pelvic floor 


Happy and Healthy Knees

The knees are the largest joints in the body. A marvel of evolutionary design, they fulfill the needs of being flexible, stable, and strong in order to move us through space and carry up to several times our body weight when we walk or run. Tension and incorrect alignment or training can cause imbalances in the muscles or strain in the ligaments of the knees.

During this class, you will:


  • Gain insight into the design and function of the knee,

  • Learn to imagine and experience efficient knee function based

  • on its design,

  • Experience how the function of the knees relates to your hips

  • and feet, and

  • Discover imagery for correct alignment and healthy movement

  • of the knees.