Unlock your movement potential - how I can help you


“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy exercise” Joseph Pilates


Small class sizes, more personal attention - A more bespoke and healthy approach to pilates

I only have 6 students in any mat class.  These classes are friendly, supportive and have a relaxed group atmosphere.  It is possible to attend a Pilates class in which there are many more people in the room, however, it is more difficult to be sure that you are performing the exercise correctly.  From my own experience, I remember being in many classes where as a dancer, I could make the 'shapes' and looked like I knew what I was doing.  As it turned out, I really wasn't.  It took an experienced and skilled teacher in a small group setting with exceptional training to spot it and put me on a path to more healthy movement.  This is important for everyone regardless of if they have an injury or not.  That is why I teach small classes.  It also means that from the observations I make of any one class I can devise a programme that is one that all bodies within the room need.  There is no one size fits all approach.  Say goodbye to generic Pilates classes for good.


My approach - Mind Body Movement from a Mind Body expert

My approach to teaching is one that seeks to connect mind and body together in harmony.  Modern life can be very hectic and stressful.  Classes are designed to give everyone a chance to reset and have some space and time for themselves in their busy week, as well as take away some ideas for moving with greater health and efficiency in the week ahead.  Many classes use the buzzwords of mindfulness or mind body, however, my classes are genuine mind body classes grounded in the latest developments from the fields of movement, science and biomechanics.

My Pilates classes are very gentle - it takes a while to 'get' the movement.  For a movement to be effective, as Pilates himself said, they need to be performed with the right focus and the right precision.  There is no need for excess gripping, tension or repetitions, but rest assured the body will be working!  Every week I work with new clients who are surprised how quickly they start to feel a real difference in their body and the positive change it brings to their lives. 


Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

If you want to feel healthier, and move with greater freedom and ease, or become better at a chosen sport or activity have a look at the classes that are currently running.  If you are an organisation - e.g. a club that has its own space or a workplace then I can come to you and design a programme specifically tailored to your needs.  Do get in touch!




Services currently offered in shropshire and london


  • Pilates Beginners courses suitable for those starting out or needing a very gentle class for maintaining healthy backs and joints.
  • Pilates Mat Classes - for those currently injury free and looking for more challenge and more of the Pilates repertoire.
  • Buff Bones ® Classes - a method of exercise safe for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia which gives a total body workout.
  • Mind Body Franklin Method ® Workshops and Classes for individuals and groups e.g.: runners, dancers, Yoga and Pilates studios.
  • 1:1 remedial exercise on referral from GP and Physiotherapists.
  • Corporate Pilates Classes at your workplace designed for the needs of your workforce.
  • Sports specific conditioning for those wanting to improve their performance in their chosen sport.
  • Studio work within open session. and 1:1 work (Currently in London only)