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If you would like to book for the current block

Each class has its own different style so if you are unsure which is the right class for you, do get in touch!

Pilates classes in Shropshire cost £10.00 per session and are bookable by the block only.

We do ask for a commitment to attend Pilates by the block (usually 6 weeks) because you are working in a semi private setting receiving hands on teaching in a way that keeps costs low. Committing to a block encourages you to attend and to allows continuity within the group and a social and friendly atmosphere.

As a goodwill gesture there is one catch up class per term for those clients who give 24 hours notice to allow for a week off for a special occasion, half term or whatever else you are doing! If appropriate and able, clients are also able to work in another class (subject to space being available and the level of the class appropriate). The full terms and conditions are explained at the point of booking and details are given via the Acuity booking system.

Schedule via my booking system run by Acuity below.  Payments are processed via Stripe which has the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.