How Pilates can help you


Pilates is an exercise system, which, in the hands of the right teacher truly is a system for everybody.  

My current clients have an age range from 11-92 years old!  Some are total beginners, others have been practising Pilates for many years.  Some are preparing or recovering from surgery, or have an illness or injury.  Some are professional athletes or dancers.  Some are high level businessmen or very busy mothers!

Everyone has their own personal goal, be it training for a marathon, keeping fit, or using their Pilates time as a space in their week for themselves.

There is no such thing as a typical Pilates person in terms of what they look like or how they move, just come and enjoy moving!


A bespoke, more mindful and intelligent approach to exercise

The Pilates sessions I teach are such that they can be adapted to fit individual needs, for those recovering from injury, preparing for surgery, to those wanting to get fit / stay fit to those who are very advanced movers.

My classes are no bigger than 6 in number – to ensure that you get the most from your session – there is no getting lost at the back of the room or being asked to skip an exercise.


What can I gain from Pilates?

Pilates guiding principle is to gain control over your own body.  Here are some of the long-term goals that you can achieve for your body and life:

   •     Co-ordination

   •     Strength

   •     Mobility

   •     Efficient Movement

   •     Flowing movement

   •     Proper posture

   •     Mental rejuvenation

   •     Self awareness

   •     Self confidence

   •     Integration of mind, body and spirit

   •     Sense of wellbeing

   •     Enhanced quality of life

  • Improved performance in sports, performance arts or hobbies

You may find that you start your Pilates journey with one of these goals in mind, however Pilates is addictive and you may find yourself reaping other benefits.

From my own personal experience and from working with clients I know that Pilates really can change your body and give you a much-improved quality of life.


starting out

Have a look at the classes currently on offer, and decide which one you would like to join.  Before beginning any exercise programme check with any health professional you may have seen as they may want to give you further advice and guidance.

Many people that I see do tend to come to Pilates having been told by their GP, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Orthopaedic Surgeon that Pilates will be beneficial to them.  If you are currently seeing a GP, Physiotherapist or other medical professional, or are over 65 it is crucial that you check with them that they are happy for you to practice Pilates. 

If you are pre or post surgery you must gain clearance from your surgeon and physiotherapist to take part in classes and it is usual for them to explain to you what movements need to be approached with care or are restricted.  

As there are so many Pilates exercises there is always a way that the exercise can be changed to make it enjoyable and safe for you to do.  For those of you with osteoporosis or osteopenia I additionally offer the Buff Bones® system which is designed for your needs specifically although it provides a fantastic workout for everyone!  Please see information on the Buff Bones® page about this innovative and globally renowned system.  

If you are unsure if the class would be the right level for you or your medical condition please check with me first.


Book online, then turn up and enjoy!

Check the make a booking page for the different classes available and when the next block starts.

If you have missed some of the block it is still possible to join, but you will need to contact me directly and you will receive your own unique booking link.

Please contact me with an enquiry as to your suitability for a class if you are unsure or would like further guidance.  In some circumstances it may be necessary to gain further medical advice or clearance and if you are over 65 you should definitely check with your GP. 

Once your payment is received your place is held in class and you will receive a medical form to complete and further joining details.



Bring your body back into balance and health; turn up and discover what you can do with a little time, effort and investment in yourself.