Dear Sarah, Thank you for all of the help and support you’ve given me since I started Pilates. Thanks to you, not only do I have pain free days, I have pain free weeks!
— E. London

Sarah is a brilliant, friendly and encouraging teacher who really knows her stuff. Our sessions have really helped me to improve my flexibility and muscle strength, as well as improve my overall well being. Highly, highly recommended!
— D. London

Thank you Sarah for all of your support. You’re one of the most patient and mindful teachers I have ever met
— E, London

I have been practising Franklin Method® now for several weeks in class and at home. I have found it has helped my dancing so much, and this week my dance teacher has remarked how much longer my legs look.
— Dancer, Franklin Method ® Friday Participant, London

Without doubt the best Pilates teacher I have met. Sarah really helped me get strong again after surgery and back to riding my horse quickly. Thanks!
— C. London

As a GP I can see how useful the (Franklin) Method is. My own body feels more comfortable and movement is easy.
— Franklin Method Friday participant, London

“For me, doing Pilates when preparing for a marathon was an incredible help, and continues to be an integral part of my running. Pilates improved my core strength and maintained my overall condition, as it used muscles all over my body, not just the key ones putting in the miles on the road. One vital area it developed was with stretching and flexibility. I always try my best post-run, but doing Pilates with a great teacher ensured that I stretched properly, keeping me more flexible and less achy in my muscles. Pilates really is a phenomenal supplement to any cardio centric activity.”
— J.E. London

My body feels more integrated, less tense, freer and alive. I’m learning about how much tension and gripping I used to do in other exercise classes and movement doesn’t have to be like that as it can just feel so easy.
— Franklin Method ® Friday participant

Thanks to all of your Pilates teaching no one wants to offer me a seat on the bus anymore as my posture is better, I’m straighter and look younger!
— J.B. London